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Galvanising and Powder Coating 


All you need to make an informed decision about Galvanising and Powder coating.



Hot dip galvanising is a method of protecting steel from corrosion by dipping it in a bath of molten zinc. The steel reacts with the zinc creating an alloy that metallurgically bonds to the surface of the steel. Layers of zinc form on top, providing a tough, abrasion resistant coating that will be truly maintenance free for many years to come.

Longevity Benefits

Galvanising can last for well over 100 years depending on location. 

Physical Benefits

Galvanising is a tough, abrasion resistant coating that provides resistance to mechanical damage during transit and erection.

The alloy layers formed next to the steel are harder than the base steel itself.

The softer zinc top layers absorb much of the shock from handling impacts.

Economic Benefits

 When the whole life cost is taken into consideration galvanising can work out to be substantially more cost effective. This is due to galvanising being maintenance free therefore eliminating the requirement for maintenance repainting.

We recommend that all gates and railings are galvanised.


What is Colourgalv?

Colourgalv is a duplex coating that combines the corrosion protection benefits of hot dip galvanizing with the aesthetic beauty and colour of powder coating. The coating is suitable for most urban and rural locations throughout the UK and beyond. For coastal and offshore environments Colourgalv Marine is a triplex coating that incorporates an additional epoxy layer that provides additional protection in salt rich environments.

Colourgalv Benifits

Smooth and consistent finish

UV stability ensures no colour fading

Available in over 250 colours and textures

Powder can be formulated for bespoke colour matching

Our coatings are carried out to exacting international standards –ISO 1461 for Galvanising and ISO 13438 for Powder Coating – giving you peace of mind that the job will be successfully completed to a high level.

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