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Our new cost effective range features exceptional safety and stunning contemporary design suitable for indoor and outdoor projects. Any DIY enthusiast will install this system easily using basic equipment. 

The JEFFREY range is available for supply only or supply and installation by our own specialist installers.  


The pre assembled aluminium posts have a stunning anodised finish and are available in square and round profiles ready to install with a choice of bolt down or side fix posts. 

Fully engineered to suit the requirements of most applications, the system can be installed with or without a top rail,  design tested to BS 6180 standards. 

Our Supply only fitting kits include everything you need to complete your project. 

Simply measure the area you want the balustrade to cover and give us a call for an instant quotation



Our most popular glass balustrade of 2020. This sleek contemporary style will revamp any indoor or outdoor space.


This type of post will be used in most applications and can be fitted to most wooden or composite decking. 


These will be fitted to a decking where these is not enough solid structure to bolt on to. You must have at least 500mm of a drop to use a side fix post. 

Side Fix

How to measure and price your own posts and glass

1. What shape are you looking for?

L shape - One corner and 2 straight lines

Straight line - 1 straight line

U shape - 2 corners and 3 straight lines

2. Measure your straight lines.

Once you have decided your shape, measure your straight lines in millimetres.

3. Choosing you posts.

Now choose how many end, mid and corner posts you need. You will need 1 post every 1 metre. If using side fix posts you will require 2 end posts at a corner. 

4. Choosing your glass.

Standard glass panels are W1174mm x H1010mm.  Giving a 1200mm post centre. When used with a handrail, the standard size is W1174mm H930mm.

Specialist cut 10mm glass panels with your own dimensions can be ordered.  


Square posts with oval top rail.

Railing height is 1125mm.


Square posts with 1174mm x  1010mm clear glass with no top rail.

Post height 1100mm. 


Bolt down square posts

930mm x 1010mm glass

Rectangular top rail. 


Side Fix Square Posts

900mm x 1000mm glass

Fitting glass 

Our 4 step easy guide


Fit back rubber to the post.

* Top tip - Spray a soapy liquid into the rubber to allow glass to slide in easily. 


Slide glass in from the top between posts. 


Fit glass retaining rubber, top packer and infill. 

If no top rail in being fitted, do not fit packer. (You will require an addition 1100mm gasket rubber)


If fitting a top rail slide on the top rail under cap and top handrail.


Bolt Down Posts - Square


Bolt Down Posts- Round 

Side Fix Posts - Square


10mm clear toughened Glass 900mm x 1000mm

This panel is suitable for fitting with the Jeffrey posts W - 1174mm x Height 1010mm.

10mm Clear specialist cut glass

If you require specialist sizes of glass please contact us with your glass sizes for a quotation. 

Glass Tint Colours:






Fittings for Rectangular Top Rail

Fittings for Oval Top Rail

Things to consider when choosing your balustrade

Your decking/Surface: Timber, composite decking, slabs, tiles or concrete etc.

Firstly you need to look at what sort of decking or surface you are going to be fitting your posts to. Bolt down posts can be bolted on to most timber or composite decking. Make sure you have a good solid structure beneath your boards to fix your bolts down in to. You will need a minimum of 110mm to fix your base plate on to. 

If fixing to slabs or tiles you are drilling through the material to fix the base plate and screws. This naturally means that there can be splits and cracks in the tiles. In these cases stainless steel posts that can be cored in to the surface may be a better option. Please see out stainless steel options. 

Side Fix or Bolt Down Posts

Most posts will be bolt down with a few exeptions. If you have timber railway sleepers turned on their side to form a raised decking then side fix posts will be more suitable. This is due to width of the sleeper only being 100mm and you need over 110mm to fix a base plate on to. 

Bolt Down:

Available in mid, end and corner posts. When measuring you will normally require 2 end posts, then 1 corner if an L shape or 2 if a U shape. Then you will have 1 mid post positioned every 1 metre. Up to a maximum of 1.2m between posts. 

Side fix:

Available in end and mid posts. If fitting an L or U shape, 2 posts will be required with a small gap. 

With both bolt down and side fix posts, you have the choice of fitting the glass either flush to the top of the post, or by leaving a 80mm gap at the top. 


Top rail/ Handrail

Top rails come in both a rectangular and oval shapes to suite square and oval Jeffrey posts. They can be purchased in 3m and 5.8 m lengths. You will also need a 90 degree corner connector if fitting a corner. Please see the list of accessories for end caps, in line connectors and wall brackets. 


 If you have an angle of more or less than 90 degrees you will require to use stainless steel posts as they can be altered to suit any angle. 

What our customers are saying

We had the Square post system fitted to our wooden decking  last week. We are delighted with the quality and finish, it has transformed our garden. 

Lisa McKinley - Ayr

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